Worktop Installation

Pure Custom Engineered Counter-Worktop System

Pure custom counter worktop kits use the finest raw materials on the market, making them one of the most refined industrial grade products to hand and are designed specifically to transform your existing worktops into beautiful new and custom/personalised surfaces. Our advanced counter worktop system is so easy to install with our advanced self-smoothing properties let you create that natural look of blended colours without the installer needing an artistic touch. Pure custom counter worktop kits are not comprised of the same system we for our floor coatings, the system is combined with the addition of a special thickening compound producing an extremally durable product minimizing thinning due to run off. When applying a thin counter worktop system, you lose a lot of the natural effect caused by loss of material flowing off of the surface, diminishing the overall look, flow, marbleisation and durability that our Pure custom counter-worktop kits offer.

Each counter worktop kit comes with enough 100% solid epoxy primer including pigment colourant paste, designer body coat with chosen metallic or standard colour powder pigment and 3 rollers to create a truly one of a kind worktop. We strongly recommend using our polyurethane top coats for added protection.

The Substrate

Prepping the surface of the counter worktop is an easy process. Most surfaces just require sanding (80-100 grit) then wiping clean with water or de-natured alcohol. When covering tiles, it would be wise to fill any grout lines with a silicone free filler all depending on which desired effect you are looking for, sand down smooth before applying PCF counter worktop kits.

Epoxy Primer Coat

Priming the countertop is a simple and fast. Mix your pre-measured primer then pour and roll the pigmented primer across the surface until the worktop surface is completely covered. Wait around 4-6 hours (or until tacky and not coming off to the touch) then start to apply your main designer body coat.

Designer body coat

Applying the designer body coat is the most enjoyable part. Mix your pre-measured body coat and pour it over the surface and begin to spread using either your squeegee or roller to get the product as evenly spread as you possibly can. Our epoxy self-smooths making it easier to get a perfectly smooth and level surface. If applying highlights now is the time to do so, add your highlights to the base coat and blend to your desired look, and leave to cure.

Polyurethane Top Coat

Pure custom flooring offer 3 different performance engineered top coats. Gloss top coat lays out like a thin layer of glass and adds a subtle depth to the surface, we also offer Satin and Matt top coats which leave minor textures to the coated surface. This product is rolled out very thin and is used as a sacrificial protective layer that can be buffed down for a new design or as a maintenance re coat.


To achieve a great indepth look to you coated surface we recommend applying an additional clear coat over you designer coat, this will magnify your colours and design, once you have applied this clear coat we recommend that you still use a protective polyurethane top coat.