Please note: A full detailed guide will be issued upon purchase.


Cleaning and preparing the substrate:

Clean the surface before abrading your substrate, a clean work place is a happy work space.
To make sure the correct bond between your resin and the substrate you MAY need to abrade down the top surface layer, this will create a mechanical bond for your resin. To do this you will need to use a diamond-grinder, sander or Tek gel (chemical cleaner) to eradicate any unwanted chemicals you may have soaked into the substrate. Once this process is complete fill in any expansion cracks and if needed begin to self level screed your floor for a perfect level surface. DO NOT forget to let the dust settle then clean thoroughly, eradicating all dust particles in your working enviroment.


Applying the Primer:

Priming the floor is essential, this process ensure's a strong, lasting bond between your resin and the substrate. Priming will also help prevent bubbling caused by any trapped moisture that is wanting to escape the substrate. It is recommended that you Prime your floor twice for a smooth fully adhered seal upon completion. Primer must be poured directly to the floor, distributed evenly, then squeegeed and rollered to ensure an even and consistent coverage of the whole area. We advise to use an Epoxy spiked screed roller to eradicate any air entrapment that may have occured during the mixing process. Please Note for substrates with an above average moisture content we strongly recommend applying a second Primer coat.


Applying the Body Coat:

The application of your designer Body Coat is where your creativity comes in, you can be wild or as tame as you please. Combine any powdered Pigments (if required) to Base Coat A, once ready add Part B Hardener. Mix thoroughly for 3-5 minuets while avoiding air entrapment in the resin. Pour immediately on to the surface and begin to disperse evenly using a squeegee and roller covering all edges. Use of the Epoxy spiked screed roller is recommended, this will eradicate any air that was trapped during the mixing process. Once rolled it is now the correct time to add any aggregates or glitter to your resin, alternatively wait for the body coat to cure before the application of any logos and stencils you may wish to incorporate into your design.


Applying the Top Coat:


This is the sealer layer that will preserve and protect the resin floor from UV penetration and chemical abrasion whilst also adding scratch resistance. This process is applied by using a paint tray and a lint free roller. DO NOT pour this 2
product directly onto the resin surface as this will cause pooling. Gently, using very little pressure roll the product in one direction only, up n down motion (W pattern) once dry you may apply a second coat for extra protection. Please Note for areas undergoing constant foot traffic we recommend applying a second Top coat.